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Ways to Give

Dear Reader,

To ensure our neutrality and independence, we do not run ads. To stay unbiased in our reporting, we feel it is critical to not have sponsors that would try to influence our message to you. Additionally, we do not take any government funds.

As we look to survive and grow our site, we ask users like you to consider purchasing a product from us or donating to our cause. Your support empowers us to support our staff, continue our research, upgrade our testing equipment and facilities and much more – all of which result in a better site for you, our readers. These improvements will help us to bring you better information and ways for you to reduce your exposure to EMFs.

Your purchases and/or donations help empower us to keep devoting resources to this site.

Also, please consider linking to our site or one of our articles. Your efforts to spread the word of the dangers of EMFs help bring about positive change.

If you found our site useful, we ask that you give back so we all may thrive.

Even a dollar will help.

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