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Our Green Pledge

We pledge:

  • To enhance and preserve nature and our environment through responsible business practices.
  • To take a proactive approach at minimizing our carbon footprint.
  • To encourage and support the conservation of nature.

We Use Green Power

We match 100% of the electricity we use with renewable energy in the form of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). We choose to use renewable, green energy because we believe that we will only reach a point of true sustainability when everyone works to reduce their carbon footprint. We also choose our vendors and affiliates based on this consideration. Our website is hosted by a provider that uses energy efficient hosting technologies and matches 150 percent of the electricity used with renewable energy in the form of RECs.


Our goal is to create as little waste as possible. We use recycled / repurposed packaging where possible. Where possible, the plastic and non-compostable packaging you receive are donated to us after they have already been used in order to give them a second life. Packaging that we purchase have been chosen to make recycling or composting as easy as possible.

We try not to use soy or corn packaging even though they are compostable because most of the soy and corn available is GMO. We believe that genetically modified plants are not good for the environment and in the long run can taint and damage the genetic diversity of our planet.

We ship our packages carbon-neutral when available from the carrier.

Remote Workforce’s current small workforce works exclusively from home. As we grow, we will continue to encourage a partial or exclusive work-from-home philosophy. Remote working is a green choice that saves energy by keeping cars off the road, thereby saving on gas as well as the amount of pollution in our air and waterways.


We at practice recycling and composting. We encourage everyone to reuse or recycle all products and items in environmentally responsible ways.