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Are EMFs Responsible for Vanishing Bees?

Honeybee gathering pollen from a flower

Bees play an important role in the human food supply and in the general health of the planet. They are one of the largest contributors to crop pollination. Bees also pollinate countless flowers and plants that depend on these insects for their propagation and biodiversity. In large parts of the world including Britain and North America, bees are considered the …

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What is Dirty Power?

Artistic portrayal of electricity

In our home, the first thing we do when we purchase a new electrical device is to take EMF readings to make sure they are within tolerable levels. The four things we test for are electric fields, magnetic fields, radio frequencies and dirty electricity. Many people are familiar with or at least have heard of electric and magnetic fields that …

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Childhood Cancer and EMF Exposure

Depiction of a child undergoing chemotherapy

The rapid development of technology, especially in the area of communications, can bring social and economic benefits to society. However, the effect of some of these developments is largely unknown. Some widely adopted trends in the past which started out seemingly harmless and even touted as beneficial to health, have been revealed to have serious health implications that may not …

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Occupational EMF Exposure Increases Cancer Risk

Electrical worker repairing overhead lines

Ionizing radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays are known human carcinogens as they are capable of stripping electrons and breaking chemical bonds. We know that such ionizing radiation must be respected as it is capable of wreaking havoc in our bodies and our environment. On the other hand, non-ionizing EMF radiation such as microwaves, radio waves, television waves, cellular …

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Are Your Child’s Behavior Problems Linked to Cell Phone Radiation?

Angry boy on a cell phone

A recent study from the Yale School of Medicine shows a link between cell phone radiation exposure and behavior issues in mice. The study, which focuses on mice fetal exposure to cellular frequency between 800–1900 Mhz found that “mice exposed during pregnancy had impaired memory, were hyperactive, and had decreased anxiety, indicating that in-utero exposure to radiofrequency is a potential …

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