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Reports on EMF from Around the World

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Initiatives and groups around the world have been created in order to promote future research and analyze existing data on EMF and how it affects our health and our planet. The following is a list of known EMF reports from various organizations and projects around the world that present, analyze, and evaluate the various research and data available on EMF and it’s effect on human and planetary health:

  • Bioinitiative Report 2012
    This is the latest version of the Bioinitiative Report that was first published in 2007 by the BioInitiative Working Group. This report is a result of collaboration by 29 scientists and health experts from 10 countries around the world and covers scientific studies and data on the health issues of exposure to EMF and radiofrequency radiation. The 2012 updated report covers 1800 new studies on the health effects of EMF and wireless technology. The extensive report is over 1,400 pages long and covers numerous health issues related to EMF exposure including: brain tumors, cancer, neurological illnesses, fertility, effects on fetus, infant, children and adolescents, and damage to DNA and genes.
  • IARC Monographs Volume 80 – Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-Frequency (ELF) Electric and Magnetic Fields
    This monograph is one of many put forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as part of a program on evaluating the carcinogenic risk of various substances and agents to humans. This particular report evaluates static and extremely low frequency (ELF) fields as a carcinogen. The 445 page monograph presents and analyses data related to static and ELF exposure and cancer in humans, cancer in animals, and also other relevant data such as immunological and haematological effects. The monograph was published in 2002, and due to the limited amount of data at the time, the final evaluation stated that there was “evidence in humans for the carcinogenicity of extremely low- frequency magnetic fields in relation to childhood leukaemia” and inconclusive evidence in relation to all other cancers.
  • IARC Monographs Volume 102 – Non-Ionizing Radiation, Part 2, Radiofrequency electromagnetic Fields
    This particular monograph from IARC evaluates radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the 30 kHz to 300 Ghz range as a carcinogen. The 480 page monograph published in 2011 presents and analyses data related to RF radiation and cancer in humans, cancer in animals, and also other relevant data including how RF radiation affects genes, the immune system, and various other areas such as neurobehavior, the endocrine system, auditory and vestibular systems, and cognitive performance. The monograph found evidence in humans and in experimental animals for the carcinogenicity of radiofrequency radiation due to the positive associations “between exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless phones and glioma, and acoustic neuroma.”
  • Bees, Birds and Mankind – Destroying Nature by ‘Electrosmog’
    This is the first brochure in a series of brochures on the effects of wireless communication technologies by the Competence Initiative for the Protection of Humanity, Environment and Democracy. The 47 page brochure discusses the numerous research around wireless and EMF exposure and how it affects birds, bees, animals and in turn, all of us.

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