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My passion is helping others. My goal is to uncover the challenges and dangers of modern electronics and wireless technology for those who are ready to see them. In my own life I strive to work, play, eat and live more simply and naturally.

Finding a Low EMF Vehicle

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Last fall, my husband and I moved to a home in the country. After much searching, we had found a place with fresh air and plenty of space. We really like it. But living over a mile down a dirt road began to take it’s toll on our eight year old two-wheel drive sedan which was our only vehicle. It …

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Hazard Finders

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The following is a list of various resources where you can research hazards in your environment. Descriptions shown below are based on information published by the organization or on their website. Please contact the organization or site to verify the accuracy or view the most up-to-date information. The list below is presented in alphabetical order. Antenna Search Locate cellular, radio, …

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The following is a list of various organizations around the world that provide EMF information and resources and help to electro-hypersensitive (EHS) individuals. Organization descriptions shown below are based on information published by the organization or on their website. Center for Safer Wireless – Virginia, United States The Center for Safer Wireless (formerly Mom for Safe Wireless) is a nonprofit …

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Banning In-flight Voice Calls Is Not Enough

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Last December, the FCC announced plans toward lifting the ban on in-flight cellular phone use. Removing the ban, which has been in effect since 1991, would allow passengers on planes to make voice calls during flights. This proposal has been met with opposition from federal agencies outside of the FCC, such as the Department of Transportation and members of Congress. …

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Books & Reference Related to EMF

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The following is a list of various books related to EMF, including books on the dangers of electromagnetic fields and self help guides. Book descriptions shown below are from the publisher or the back of the book. The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life – Robert Becker, Gary Selden The Body Electric tells the fascinating story of our …

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Are EMFs Responsible for Vanishing Bees?

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Bees play an important role in the human food supply and in the general health of the planet. They are one of the largest contributors to crop pollination. Bees also pollinate countless flowers and plants that depend on these insects for their propagation and biodiversity. In large parts of the world including Britain and North America, bees are considered the …

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Reports on EMF from Around the World

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Initiatives and groups around the world have been created in order to promote future research and analyze existing data on EMF and how it affects our health and our planet. The following is a list of known EMF reports from various organizations and projects around the world that present, analyze, and evaluate the various research and data available on EMF …

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Childhood Cancer and EMF Exposure

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The rapid development of technology, especially in the area of communications, can bring social and economic benefits to society. However, the effect of some of these developments is largely unknown. Some widely adopted trends in the past which started out seemingly harmless and even touted as beneficial to health, have been revealed to have serious health implications that may not …

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications May Become Mandatory

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Last week, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced that “it will begin taking steps to enable vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication technology for light vehicles.” Along with this announcement, NHTSA has also stated that they will “begin working on a regulatory proposal that would require V2V devices in new vehicles in a future year.” With …

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Occupational EMF Exposure Increases Cancer Risk

Electrical worker repairing overhead lines

Ionizing radiation such as X-rays and gamma rays are known human carcinogens as they are capable of stripping electrons and breaking chemical bonds. We know that such ionizing radiation must be respected as it is capable of wreaking havoc in our bodies and our environment. On the other hand, non-ionizing EMF radiation such as microwaves, radio waves, television waves, cellular …

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